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One Planet Groups

One Planet School Groups

Each One Planet School group is comprised of pupils from P1 to P7. The pupils work together towards a shared vision. Have a look below to see how each group is contributing to our One Planet vision.


The Corstorphine Community group

The Corstorphine community group are learning about Corstorphine and the local history. They are working alongside the Corstorphine Trust. They hope to visit the local museum, do a local history tour and create posters and adverts for the local area and the Trust.


This group will be looking at understanding what Fairtrade means and what Fairtrade does to help people.

Fairtrade is for those who don’t earn enough money for growing crops like bananas, cocoa beans and more. So if you buy anything with the Fairtrade sign on it you will be making the lives of some people better.

The Fairtrade group will be doing a Fairtrade stall/shop where they will be selling food, bracelets, wooden flutes/statues and lots more.

Growth Mindset

This group will be looking at what a growth mind set is and telling their classes about it. It will be teaching people to take on challenges, persevere and learning from their mistakes.

Gardening-Indoor and Outdoor

This Group will be looking at what plants need to grow and how we can help look after them. This will involve looking at both the indoor and outdoor plants (plants need water, soil and sun light) around the school and deciding which of the current ones need to be re-potted or transferred into the planters outside. We will decide as a group which new things the children would like to grow and how these are dependent on the season and other factors.

Kindness group

The kindness group will be looking at the ways of being kind to others and showing kindness.   Some of the ways of being kind to each other are: doing them a favour, giving a compliment to them, maybe giving them a present, if they’ve hurt themselves or are upset you could cheer them up or if people are bullying someone or people are hurting them say something to an adult or the bully.

Energy group

This group will be looking at ways in which energy is wasted and how to solve people wasting energy. They will be creating posters/banners/reminders in the school to help people to remember to save energy!

Pupil Council

This group will be looking at ideas for making the school a better place. They will take ideas from pupils and discuss them with Mrs Ross. Then they take the ideas from Mrs Ross and share them with the whole school.

Road safety group

This group will be looking at how to cross the roads safely and raise awareness of road safety issues in the community. They will also looking about being safe on the road. You need to stop, look and listen. We all hope they will have fun learning about road safety.

Global Citizenship

This group will be learning about what it means to be a global citizen and will continue to build links with Malawi. They will also be investigating different cultures within the school and looking at their traditions.

Whole School Display

This group will be looking at keeping the school looking pretty, friendly and nice to visit. They will also be learning how to mount pictures properly to make the school displays nice and tidy.


The pupils in the Shelter group are working as ambassadors for the charity.  They are going to be working with the charity to produce leaflets, posters, raise money and to speak out on behalf of homeless children in Scotland.

Our main aim is to make a difference and to raise awareness about what it is like to be homeless.   Shelter believe that every child living in Scotland has the right to a safe, secure and affordable home.

“The Corstorphine Lantern” Newspaper Group

We collaborate during One Planet Group meetings ( and every Wednesday at lunchtime) to produce the school’s own newspaper written by the pupils. It contains a mix of news articles about what’s going on in the school from Nursery to P7, interviews, features and sports news. Occasionally we feature a Photo supplement too and this year sees the addition of an exclusively P1-3 Section called “Little Lights”. The paper is available to buy on  annual subscription (£3) and can also be viewed (in colour) on this website in the “News” section and by clicking on the words “School Newspaper” on the right-hand side of this page!

Digital Champions

The Digital Champions will be working hard to increase their own digital skills with a view to providing supports to others around the school. We will be looking at various aspects of digital literacy and digital safety over the coming year.

Currently, we are working to become more familiar with the iPads. This will allow us to offer support to our classmates and further our abilities as a school to integrate the technology into our lessons and enhance our learning.