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Parent Consultations

It was lovely to see all the families around the school and we will see the rest on Thursday evening. Thank you to those who visited us in the Parent Information Point in Room 15 and those who visited the Book Fair in the library.

Old £1

Please remember we cannot accept old style £1 coins after the October holidays.

Catherine Wheels

Nursery, P1 and P2 were treated to a visit from Catherine Wheels Theatre Company who performed ‘The Story of the Little Gentleman’ to our younger children. The message was one of friendship and acceptance and we could see by their faces that the children loved it.

Jungle Gym and Loose Materials

This is a reminder to parents to ensure that their children are not using the Jungle Gym equipment or Loose Play materials before or after school. This is to keep the children safe as we have had a number of accidents recently and the school cannot accept any responsibility for their use out with the school day.

Sharing Gather Round

We had a wonderful ‘sharing’ Gather Round as part of the Building Resilience programme last week. Lots of children were confident enough to share their own experiences of resilience, hardship and perseverance which I felt privileged to be part of.

Session Dates

Please use the following link to have your say about the school session dates including holidays for future years.

Outstanding Health Care Plans, Medication forms and medication

If your child has a Health Care Plan or requires medication to be administered during the school day, please ensure that you have completed the supporting paperwork and supplied the medication. We cannot administer any medication without this.

All medications from last session which were not uplifted before the end of Summer term have been destroyed as per the council policy.

If you require any of the forms, please let the school office know and we can send them home.

Parent Council Surveys

A Healthy School Meal enables your children to play and learn to the best of their abilities.

In 2014 the Scottish Government set the current guidelines for School Meals, Better Eating, Better Learning – A New Context for School Food.

At the Parent Council we want to hear your (Parent’s and Carers) views of Corstorphine Primary School Meals, good and bad. We have prepared a Survey Monkey, attached which should take up ten minutes of your time. We encourage you to fill it in as thoroughly as possible so we can collate the parents/carers view of the current school meals on offer.

The more information we have the more this supports us in implementing change.

We also want to hear what the children’s view of School Meals and School Packed lunches is at Corstorphine primary, good and bad. Do you love school dinners or do you hate them? Why is that?

We want you to look forward to eating the school dinners and for them to be a positive part of your day.

We have prepared a Survey Monkey, attached which should take up ten minutes of your time. Each child should each complete their own survey. We encourage you to fill it in as much information as possible, you may need your parents or carers to help you do this but it is important we have your opinions.

The more information we have from you the more we can make change.
Thanks for your time,
The Parent Council
Dear Parent/Carer

School Choir

Further to recent enquiries, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot staff the school choir this session. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs McCullough for all her hard work with the choir over the last 5 Years. She has enabled them to take part in lots of fabulous events and develop their performance skills. We have so many talented singers at Corstorphine Primary School and so we are hoping that there is someone out there who would like to take over from Mrs McCullough. If anyone is interested in running the choir, the school would be delighted to hear from you so please contact the school office to find out more.


The next PTA meeting is on Tuesday 7th November at 7.30pm in the staffroom.

Parent Council

The next Parent Council meeting is on Wednesday 22nd November at 7.15pm in the staffroom.

Upcoming Events:

  • 9th October Growth Mindset Gather Round
  • 12th October P7 Open Evening at Craigmount
  • 12th October Parent Consultations
  • 16th -23rd October Holidays
  • 24th October Pupils return
  • 25th October P7 Open Afternoon at Craigmount
  • 3rd November P1-4 PTA Movie Night
  • 25th November PTA Christmas Fair
  • 8th December Eco Art Fair
  • 11th December Growth Mindset Gather Round
  • 11th December P7 to Craigmount Christmas Concert
  • 13th & 14th December P1 Nativity Performances
  • 15th December P4-7 Theatre Performance
  • 19th December Nursery Performances
  • 20th December Nursery Christmas party
  • 22nd December Church Services


L Henderson