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Project Play

Today the ‘Project Play’ and Playground Group children went out in the play area for the first every play!  We had such good fun. Some children made sandcastles in the sand area, used chalk on the blackboard and greatly enjoyed all the different areas of the playground!

Next week each class will visit the area with their teacher and the playground representatives will talk them through the different areas and how to keep themselves safe.  Some members of the group will also take part in both Gather Rounds on Monday morning.

Please refer to the separate ParentPay that was sent out this week in connection with the Project Play area.



Lost Property

We have quite a pile of lost property items in school, including several water bottles.

If your child is missing any items please have a look in our lost property area when you are next in school.


Safety before School

It has come to our attention that some of the children who are in the front playground in the mornings (before the bell) are opening the large school gates (the ones for vehicles) then running across the road to the park to play.

Could you please explain to your child that this is extremely dangerous and ask them to let a school adult know if they see this happening again.

The gates need to be left unlocked in case of an emergency but should only be used for vehicles coming in and out of the playground at agreed times.


Book Week

Here are some of the highlights of book week.

As part of book week, P2A had stories read to the class in Bengali and in Hindi and were translated by the parents. One of the stories involved sharing a chapati and P2A have booked Mrs Gera to come and show us how to make bread (and cook) when kitchen is up and running!

P6 visited the nursery for paired reading.

All the P1-3 classes were very excited when Book Bug delivered their bags to their classrooms on Monday morning. The children have been loving reading their stories and playing their games.

P6A went to the library to watch Chris Earl’s Authors Live screening and we started our nursery buddies by doing some paired reading.
As part of Book Week the Corstorphine Library One Planet Group are organising library cards for pupils who have lost their cards or who are not members. Pupils who request a form can complete it at home and then return it to school.

P5A Pupils reading a story to each other in the library today as part of Book Week.


P4/5, P5a and P5b enjoyed a very informative and awesome visit from Royal Observatory who came to share their Starlab with us.

Russell and Mat took us on a journey through space and time to look at the stars and the legends surrounding their names. Inside the Starlab, we saw how the different constellations in the sky are made up of different stars and how the different constellations become visible during the four seasons. Each constellation can also help you to find other groups of stars, as if you know where one is then it can help you find another. As the stars rotated around the lab it felt as though the ground was moving beneath us!

We all really enjoyed the visit and now know more about how constellations are named, how the seasons affect what we can see at night, along with how to find stars in the sky.



P4/5 and P5 really enjoyed their trip to the Usher Hall to hear the Royal Scottish National Orchestra perform “Heroes and Villains”. The pieces played were wonderful and inspiring and it was fascinating to learn more about the different sections of the orchestra and how each instrument creates its sound. Thanks to the Rotary Club for financing coaches and tickets.

PTA Christmas Fair
The PTA would like to thank all the parents, teachers and P7’s who helped. They had the most people volunteer than they’ve ever had before which is great to see.  They still have a few 2018 Calendars available and they will be sending a parent pay email shortly with details of how people can order them.

We would like to thank the PTA for all their hard work in the weeks running up to the fair and on the day itself. We would not manage to provide such high quality learning experiences for our children without their financial support.


Corstorphine Fair

Emergency clothing

With a number of bugs doing the rounds we have been going through our emergency clothing supply at a rate of knots. If your child has made use of any emergency clothing lately could you please remember to wash and return it. If anyone has any spare clothing at home we are grateful for any donations.


Parent Council Travel Survey

Dear Parent/Carer
The Corstorphine Primary Parent Council are about to review the School Travel Plans and as part of this we need to do a baseline of current travel, to and from the school. We have been looking at solutions and ideas on how to improve school travel and also how the school deals with complaints relating to parking and increased traffic surrounding the school. We want to take advantage of and harness some of the recent interest in cycling and the Councils Active Schools programme and the Governments Active Travel opportunities. We are doing some research into what parents/carers, pupils and staff feel about the subject and also looking for some input of your ideas.

We are hoping to improve the best ways of keeping the communication channels with parents/carers, pupils and staff, open on this subject, as this will be an ongoing process for a short while.

As part of our first step in reviewing the School Travel Plan, we would like you to help us by answering a few quick questions, which won’t take long, about your journey to and from school and your ideas. We really appreciate your time in doing this.

We have prepared a Survey Monkey, attached which should take up five minutes of your time. Each child should each complete their own survey. We encourage you to fill it in as much information as possible, you may need your parents or carers to help you do this but it is important we have your opinions.

Lastly if you want to get involved or interested in hearing more please give us your name and an email address at the end.

Thank you in advance for your valuable time.
CPS Parent Council

Parent/Carer Travel Survey link

Pupils travel survey link


The next PTA meeting is on Tuesday 23rd January at 7.30pm in the staffroom.


Parent Council

The next Parent Council meeting is on Wednesday 31st January at 7.15pm in the staffroom.


Upcoming Events:

  • 8th December Eco Art Fair
  • 11th December Growth Mindset Gather Round
  • 11th December P7 to Craigmount Christmas Concert
  • 13th & 14th December P1 Nativity Performances
  • 15th December P4-7 Theatre Performance
  • 19th December Nursery Performances
  • 20th December Nursery Christmas party
  • 22nd December Church Services
  • 24th February – Family Ceilidh
  • 16th March – P5/P6/P7 Movie Night
  • 24th April – P1 Spring Party (Gladys Chucklebutty)
  • 25th April – P2 Spring Party (Gladys Chucklebutty)
  • 25th April – Bags to School
  • 26th April – P3/P4 Disco
  • 5th May – Car Boot Sale