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Christmas Card Orders 2016

As you may have already heard we are unfortunately having issues with the company printing our Christmas Cards this year.

A copy of the parentmail sent out on 4/11/16 is below along with the new order form.



We have also now received a login code to the APFS Ltd system so we can see who has already successfully placed an order.  We will be checking this with the artwork that comes back next week and will be in touch with you on Monday or Tuesday if there is an issue with your order.

I believe that not all the artwork was issued today so we will still be accepting orders on Tuesday 8th November at the very latest. However, if you can submit your artwork and orders on Monday 7th November it would be very much appreciated as collating the whole school order over 2 days is a fairly large task.

APFS Ltd have committed to delivering the cards etc. to us by 24th November 2016.

Once again, many thanks for your patience.


To assist with resolving this issue, if you would like us to check your online order has been received then please complete the form below with a few details of your order:

Christmas Card Order Details

You are under no obligation to complete this form – this is just if you would like us to confirm your order with APFS Ltd. You can of course make direct contact with them yourself if you prefer.

Parentmail below sent By: Mrs Claire Thompson

Sent 03 Nov 2016 13:14

 Dear Parent/Carer

Further to recent parentmails regarding ordering Christmas cards, please see the email below from Art Projects for Schools Ltd explaining the situation and how they now plan to revert to the paper ordering system that they have used before. This is the most recent communication we have received from them and I have so far not been able to make contact to clarfiy some of the finer detail. My understanding is that all confirmed online orders will be processed as expected.

We are expecting new order forms to arrive from APFS today or tomorrow so that we can send them home over the weekend and would ask that if you would still like to place an order, then please complete and return the order form, artwork and exact money by Monday 7th November (cash or cheque only with cheques being made payable to Corstorphine Primary School and please only send in the exact amount of cash – we cannot provide change).

The paper ordering system is only for parents who have not yet mananged to place an order. If you receive an order form home over the weekend and either have already ordered online, or do not want to order any cards then you can ignore the order form. If you have ordered cards (online or by paper) then please ensure your child’s artwork is handed into school on Monday 7th November.

I am very grateful to the parent helpers who plan to come in on Monday and Tuesday next week to collate all the orders in preparation for our new collection date of 9th November.

In an effort to check exactly what orders have already been received by APFS Ltd, if you have placed an order online and would like us to check it has been accepted then please complete the online form below:

You are under no obligation to complete this form – this is just if you would like us to confirm your order with APFS Ltd. You can of course make direct contact with them yourself if you prefer.

Their contact details are:

Art Projects for Schools Ltd

0800 027 1939

We would like to thank you for your patience while we try to resolve this situation and we will keep you up to date with any further developments.

Kind regards

Claire Thompson

Business Manager

Email received from APFS Ltd on 2nd November 2016:

To: Corstorphine Primary School
APFS ID: 13128

Dear Claire Thompson

I am sorry to have to inform you that we will be replacing our online shop with the traditional offline ordering system. This is due to the inability of the online shop to cope with the unprecedented volume of traffic. This will not affect your dispatch dates.

I am acutely aware of the frustrations and embarrassment that we have caused some of you and take full responsibility for our choice of IT consultants who have advised us so badly. However, at this time the only important thing is to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of children we work with every year are not let down by my error of judgement. It is ironic that in our attempt to make your lives easier, we have made them much more difficult.

The reason why so many of you were attracted to going online was the reduction in the administrative burden. I’m afraid that we cannot avoid the school collecting the money instead of it being paid online. However, you do not need to check the payments against the artwork unless you choose to do so. All administration will be done by us when the artworks arrive in the building. We will send back an account which will show how much the school will have raised. Any questions concerning that will be dealt with once production has finished.

To that end the following process will be followed. It is the same for both schools who have started ordering online and those who have yet to start. All online orders will be combined with the offline when returned to school.

  1. All schools will receive paper order forms for parents to stick on the back of their artwork, together with the existing online order form. These will be dispatched to the earliest deadline date schools first.
  2. Parents will complete their order using the paper order form. The only thing missing is the ability to personalise the greeting. The family discount will remain.
  3. They return their children’s work to school with their payment made out to the school.
  4. The school will pay all money in to their own account.
  5. The school will place the artworks in the bag provided as if it were an online order. Your collection is 09/11/2016.
  6. After production and delivery of the goods, Art Projects for Schools will issue an invoice for the full amount less the school’s contribution.

The system above is much the same as last year with the exception of retaining as much as we can of the reduction in the administrative burden.

Those of you who are, or know, IT experts will probably realise that the problems we are experiencing are due to the limitations of the software we purchased from our consultants. I am very grateful to those parents who have written offering advice and to the many of you who have been understanding. I cannot however allow this situation to continue any further. Our production is actually going to be up to date by Monday and with our twenty years’ experience in working with an offline system we are very confident that our service will quickly return to the level and quality that you expect.

Please could I ask you not to reply to this email as we are busy getting the new system in place. We will send further updates letting you know our progress.

Once again, my sincerest apologies.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Dickey

CEO | Art Projects for Schools