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Dear Parent/Carer

The staff at Corstorphine Primary School extend a very warm welcome to you and your child and look forward to a most happy and productive association with you both. We hope that your child will feel very secure and happy here and that the time they spend at Primary School will provide the kinds of experiences and opportunities which will enable them to achieve their maximum potential and become confident, lifelong learners. We will strive to enable your child to capitalise on their unique strengths, skills and qualities and to recognise that each and every one of them have the facility to impact very positively on the world.

At Corstorphine Primary we aim to provide your child with a quality broad general education which will in turn provide a rich and secure foundation for learning in secondary school and beyond.

We recognise the crucial role that we play in ensuring our children acquire secure core literacy and numeracy skills and a holistic understanding of Health and Well-being and the associated importance of making the right choices. We also recognise and value the role that all curriculum subjects play in your child’s development and especially the role of the Expressive Arts in promoting imagination, creativity, spirituality and self-expression.

Corstorphine Primary School actively embraces the work of Carol Dweck on Growth Mindset (1) and we have embedded the promotion of these attitudes and values in our everyday dialogue with children. This is one distinctive feature of our approach towards ensuring that our children have the best chances of success and happiness in life.

We adhere to the “One Planet School” (2) philosophy and recognise the importance of embedding education for sustainability, global citizenship, children’s rights and opportunities for outdoor learning across our formal and informal curriculum.

We value the important role that you, as parents, play in the all-round development of your child and aim to support this by seeking your co-operation in partnership with us. We will aim to capitalise on opportunities for working with you in a variety of different ways that will serve to enhance the educational experiences of your child at Corstorphine.  Parents currently help around and support the school in a wide variety of different ways from working directly with pupils to membership of the PTA, Parent Council or other Parent groups such as , “Project Play”. If you feel at any stage of your child’s primary career that you would like to help out in some way, then please contact us.

We hope that you will find our website helpful, interesting and informative and would welcome any feedback on ways in which you feel that it could be improved.

Yours sincerely

Pamela Briggs, Head Teacher


  1. Carol Dweck “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” 2006
  2. “Learning for Sustainability” –the report of the One Planet Schools Working Group 23.11.12